Offer for our cities: irrigation bags to support new plants / young trees

Siegen, Göttingen, Aachen, Freiburg and Münster have one thing in common? What do you think connects these cities in Germany? We tell you. They are the 5 greenest cities in Germany. And what does that have to do with tree baths? We are happy to share that with you too.

Your advantages as a city and municipality with baumbad at a glance:

• Direct customer service by phone, email and chat.

• Guaranteed low price for cities and municipalities.

• individual, customized quantity offers.

• As a city or municipality, you pay on account.

• Resource-saving, for less water consumption with a higher degree of efficiency

• Time-saving, quick and easy to attach and fill

• You can plan which tree gets how much water and at what distance

• Theft protection possible with a lock or logo print

• The city arms can be printed on the tree bag

• Reusable, high quality certified PVC material.

• Ideal for young trees and new plantings of up to 30 centimeters and, in combination with 2 or more bags, also suitable for larger sizes.

• Thanks to a 75 liter capacity, long-term watering of 6-9 hours is possible.


We convince with our offers:

• From an order quantity of 25 pieces you will receive improved conditions

€14,99 €21,99 (incl. VAT, excl. Shipping costs)

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Simple, sustainable and practical

the Baumbad watering bag

Different volumes

With our bag sizes 75L and 100L, we offer a wide variety and can respond individually to your needs.

Quality material

Our tree baths are made of reusable, high quality & certified PVC material.


By attaching a lock, the tree bags can be protected from theft at any time.

Individual printing

Personalize the tree bags with your city coat of arms, company logo or use them as advertising space.

Individual tree thicknesses

Multiply the watering volume by connecting several tree baths.

Long term irrigation

Trees can be watered quickly and efficiently for up to 9 hours with just one tree bag filling of 75 liters. Both 100 liter bags even up to 12 hours.

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The clever irrigation solution

How does the baumbad bag work? Simply explained in 60 seconds!

Our goal from the beginning of the development was a simple application. The baumbad irrigation bag is child's play and quick to install. More on this in the video.

The video is also available on (English UK, French, Italienisch , Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, English US (gallon), English US (litres) )

The instructions for downloading are also translated to:

(English UK, French, Italienisch, Spanish, dänisch, Dutch, Portuguese, English US (gallons) )

What the Baumbad heroes say

We love our tree rescuers

baumbad watering bags in comparison

Which tree bag is the right one for your requirements?

Not sure whether the 75 liter PVC tree watering bag is the right one for your requirements? In this video we show you all baumbad watering solutions for trees in comparison.

- The video is also available on (English, French and Italienisch , Spanish, Dutch)

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