About Us

"Nature gives us life and we have a responsibility to protect it for the good of all."

Stefan, founder of baumbad

The tree bathing mission

Whatever the question, the answer is always love.

"Baumbad is a tree irrigation startup that reacts to climate change."

Such sentences are usually used in public. But today nothing is normal anymore. We at baumbad are extraordinary, innovative and above all driven by values ​​that are as important at the end of the day as every single tree on earth.

We cannot exist without trees, because without trees and plants - every child knows that - there is no fresh oxygen. Trees produce oxygen for around 5 people a day. Expressed in liters, around 10.000 liters of oxygen.

What a miracle, what a gift. Every tree was once very small, gentle and delicate. It has had enough water, is firmly rooted in the earth and is therefore in good shape today.

But we are increasingly struggling with drought globally ... and this is where our story begins. The story of friends who have become active. We are a young, ambitious startup that has set itself the task of protecting the green diversity of our city trees from the consequences of climate change in 2019. Therefore we would like to invite you to do our best to protect nature through an adapted lifestyle.

The baumbad team

Colleagues, friends, tree lovers


Mechanical engineer (RUB Bochum) managing director & product developer


Customer support and accounting


Gardening professional since 1990 - known from WP, NRZ, der Westen, WAZ, WR, etc.


Warehouse manager in Hagen


Sales manager national & international


Tree (sniff) expert


Author and tree expert / sales in Germany and Switzerland


Explain expert


Customer Support


UI / UX web developer


Facebook and Instagram Ads expert




SEO expert & editor-in-chief




Mechanical engineer (RWTH Aachen) Production & Manufacturing

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Our values ​​are deeply rooted

Nature is the greatest gift on earth.

We have already seen a lot of our beautiful world, the managing director has already traveled around South America with a backpack, the customer support colleague rode his bike through Asia and Europe and the accounting department knows Eastern Europe inside out. When we landed back in Germany together to discuss the strategies for the company, we had 3 points that were really important to all of us:

  • We stand behind baumbad 100% with heart and mind

  • We put people and nature in the foreground

  • We create meaningful added value to preserve nature

Talk to our tree expert!

Proper tree care is not easy for beginners. Let Rolf, our tree expert, help you to become a professional in no time at all.