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Tree watering bags are made of either PVC or PE, i.e. plastic. Can tree bags therefore be ecological? Or should you avoid tree watering bags for ecological reasons? These are important questions to which there are no general answers. Here are some thoughts on this:

  • Sometimes tree watering bags are the only solution that works to get people going and watering a tree. What if a tree bag is made of plastic - but saves a tree from drying out? This tree then continues to filter pollutants from the air, continues to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, and continues to provide a habitat for animals and plants. Can you use plastic to save trees?

What do you consider more valuable?

  • Although tree bags are made of plastic, they can save a lot of water. If trees are watered incorrectly (too quickly or at the wrong time of day), a lot of water runs off again immediately or evaporates immediately. If trees are watered with tree bags, the entire amount of water trickles into the root area of ​​the tree. At the same time, like a layer of mulch, the plastic protects the soil from drying out.This hornbeam urgently needs good watering. Its foliage changes color in July and falls off.

6 reasons why tree watering bags can make ecological sense:

  1. Water efficiency: Tree watering bags are designed to use water efficiently. Their slow release of water allows them to ensure consistent hydration, reducing water consumption compared to traditional irrigation methods.
  2. Avoiding water waste: Tree watering bags help minimize water waste by directing water to the roots and reducing evaporation and runoff. This is particularly important in regions with water scarcity or during dry periods.
  3. Protection against soil erosion: Through targeted irrigation, tree watering bags help maintain soil moisture and thereby help prevent soil erosion. Healthy soil is important for biodiversity and the ecosystem.
  4. Planting trees: Tree watering bags are particularly useful when planting new trees. They promote tree growth and help establish them in the first few years, which helps maintain the green environment in the long term.
  5. Reduction of pesticides: By promoting a healthy root system and tree, tree watering bags can help reduce the need for pesticides. A healthy tree is more resistant to pests and diseases.
  6. Promoting tree protection: By contributing to optimal irrigation, tree watering bags help protect trees. Healthy trees are essential for maintaining ecosystems and air quality.

It is important, however, that the ecological benefits of tree watering bags also depend on correct use and care.

Use the tree watering bags correctly

You can find them here Instructions for using the baumbad tree watering bags. 

Increase the life of the bags

An important factor for the ecological assessment of the bags is their lifespan. Baumbad produces tree watering bags that will last for years if used properly. In order for the bags to last a long time, they should be protected from the following factors:

  • Weather influences such as storms, hail, frost and snow
  • Lawnmower or robotic lawnmower
  • Winter services sweeping snow
  • Rodents, martens or larger wild animals. These bite the bags if they can't find any other water

The most important factors to protect your bags are therefore:

  • Only leave the bags hanging on the tree during the months when they are needed. When the watering season ends in autumn, the bags should be cleaned and dried and stored in a dry place.
  • Take the bags from the tree when you mow the lawn
  • During high heat and prolonged drought, place water in another rodent container. Then the animals do not need to gnaw bags
  • Use water that is as clean as possible

You can find more information about this in the article Maintain high-quality tree bags and thereby extend their lifespan.

Repair broken bags

Another way to make tree watering bags more ecological is to repair broken bags. To do this, we recycled defective bags and made repair patches. You can order them from us free of charge. We have also tested different repair methods and our experiences in one repair instructions collected.


In addition to making repair patches, we are looking for other recycling opportunities in the long term. Do you have any ideas? You are welcome to contact us at Write to

Important: Find out before you buy

We therefore recommend that you consider whether you really need the tree watering bags. Because nature is close to our hearts, we don't want any ill-considered consumer purchases. When you buy tree watering bags, ask to save a tree.

If the bags don't work for you as you imagined, you should definitely contact us. And if you no longer need your tree bag, you can simply give it away. If you don't know anyone who would like to water a tree, maybe you can find them at a how give away? Or a watering sponsorship program in your city?

May as many trees as possible be watered in the most ecological way possible and thereby saved. 

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