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For a tree, water is one of the most valuable things we can give. With enough water, trees can photosynthesize, defend themselves against diseases and pests, and repair themselves. If there is one thing we should do really well with trees that have already been planted, it is watering. There are different challenges for every season. Here you will find the most important information for spring. 

Spring: Give the tree a good start

The new Year is starting. The trees produce new shoots and leaves. They begin to bloom, thereby creating the basis for their fruits and nuts. In spring it is largely decided how much fruit a tree will produce.
Do you have a tree from which you would like to harvest plenty of fruit or nuts? Then make sure your tree has enough water in spring.

Lack of water during this phase of the growing season has a strong impact on the growth and health of trees throughout the year. Depending on the age of the tree and the amount of rainfall, it may be helpful or even necessary to support the trees at regular intervals.

As always, young trees in particular need additional watering because their root system does not yet reach deep into the soil. Make sure that the young trees get enough water in the spring. 

Except for frost

If there is frost or snow again in spring, you should not water trees during this time. Wait until the snow has melted or temperatures have risen above 5 degrees Celsius.

How do I water correctly in spring?

It is important that the trees receive enough – but not too much – water. That's why it's helpful to check the moisture in the soil. To do this, you can dig a small hole of 10 to 15 centimeters in the root area of ​​the tree. If the soil there is dry, the tree should be watered. It is also important that enough water reaches the roots. Therefore, make sure that you water the trees appropriately: with the right amount and the right method. 

The right amount of water

The water requirements of trees vary greatly depending on the tree species, age and location. The following rules of thumb are helpful:

  • An average tree needs about two watering sessions, each 150 to 200 liters of water, per week in summer. In spring a tree needs significantly less water.
  • The warmer and drier the weather, the more additional watering the tree needs. If it rains regularly in spring, most trees do not need additional water.
  • The amount of precipitation in the last few months is also important: if it was dry, the tree needs more additional water.

Which casting method is best?

It is important that the water seeps into the soil as slowly as possible so that it can actually be absorbed by the soil. If the water is released too quickly, most of it flows off the surface without seeping through the soil in depth.

A very effective tool for this are tree watering bags, which slowly release water using drip irrigation. They can be installed without much effort and can be filled with a garden hose in just a few minutes. They then release the water drop by drop into the ground over a period of 6-9 hours. This means there is no runoff and no rapid seepage through the root area.

Watch for signs of drought stress

The typical signs of drought stress in spring are shortened shoots and when the leaves remain noticeably smaller than usual. You should water your tree when you see these signs at the latest.

You can find more information about drought stress in this article.

Additional support: mulching

Mulch is one of the best things you can do for your tree. A layer of mulch is particularly worthwhile in early spring. This means it can protect the soil from moisture loss and regulate the soil temperature throughout the entire growing season. 

Different every year

We are currently experiencing frequent extreme weather events. Sometimes it rains a lot in spring, sometimes it has been dry for a long time. It is therefore increasingly difficult to give general advice on watering. You are therefore in demand with your powers of observation and creativity.

Here is a more detailed text on the subject Water trees.

And here is more information about casting SummerAutumn and in the Winter.

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