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Tree bags are particularly suitable for watering young trees. The bags can be used to dispense 75 liters of water in one watering session, which then slowly trickles into the soil. This slow drip irrigation ensures that the water can seep into the root area of ​​the young tree. Dendrologist Andreas Roloff also writes this in his book Drought Stress in Trees:

“Mobile watering bags and flat rings can also ensure continuous moistening of the root area of ​​newly planted trees. In addition, the superficial evaporation under the contact surfaces of the sacks and rings is then reduced.»

And the GALK writes:

“Therefore, young trees need to be watered more frequently during hot and dry weather phases, depending on the course of the weather. However, frequent watering that is only close to the surface (with little water) should be avoided, as the tree roots then remain in the upper area and do not grow downwards. However, the young tree must adapt to the site-specific conditions and, above all, develop its root system in deeper soil layers.

And what about older trees?

Until a few years ago, many older trees did not require additional watering. Thanks to their developed root system, they were able to get the water they needed from the depths themselves. Unfortunately, more and more older trees are now becoming extinct Drought stress and often die. In recent years there has been a lot of heat and long dry seasons. In addition, the groundwater level is also falling in many towns.

But how are these older trees watered? We certainly know that the same applies to older trees: give a lot of water at once, but less often.

And what about tree watering bags? Unfortunately, we are not yet aware of any studies that have examined the use of tree watering bags on older trees. However, we have empirical values ​​that we have received from our customers. Since we have been offering our baumbad irrigation bags since 2019, we have been able to learn a lot from the experience of countless city gardeners, gardening contractors and tree lovers. And we learn again and again that the baumbad irrigation bags are often used successfully on mature and old trees.

How tree bags are used on older trees

For young trees, the bags are attached directly to the tree trunk. This is ideal as the trunks are not yet thick and their root zone is directly below the trunk. As a result, the water gets to exactly the right place.

But what about older – and larger – trees? Some customers then simply connect several irrigation bags. This is quite simple. If you connect three irrigation bags, trees with a circumference of up to 90 cm can be watered.

In addition to this method, we also hear from our customers again and again that they set up the tree bags with a stake around the root area. The bags are then not directly on the trunk. This has the advantage that even for largerßere tree trunks, only a single tree bag needs to be used.

A customer told us that this is how he waters the sequoia trees in his city. He simply places several 75 liter PVC bags in a circle in the root area of ​​the tree with stakes.

Collect more data

Do you also water older trees? How you do that? We would be happy to learn from your experiences. Please write to us at:

Another option could be to use 100 liter bags. You can find one here Overview of the tree bath range.

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