The innovative alternative to watering cans pour past times

The water bag for trees is an innovative solution for that Watering the trees in the city, in the garden or anywhere. The simple use and the useful function save considerable time and costs. No matter whether fruit tree, birch, linden, walnut, fir or palm tree, all trees need water to grow and thrive. As the dry periods have increased in recent years, the trees rely on you getting enough water from us for irrigation. With a single watering, the roots can hardly absorb the large amount of water. The remaining water seeps away or evaporates and the tree receives too little liquid. This is how the tree is damaged during the dry periods. But who has the time and desire to water a tree several times a day? This question has now been dispensed with, because at you can conveniently order water bags while sitting in the garden. The water bag for trees continuously releases small amounts of water over a longer period of 5-9 hours. Due to the constant release of smaller amounts of water, the roots can absorb more water and the leaves can continue to shine green even without rain.

Maybe you have one before Water sack on a tree seen? The green bags are easily placed around the tree and fastened with a smooth zipper. If necessary, it is even possible to secure the bag with a theft protection device. Then the irrigation bag is filled with water. With thick trunks, several water bags can also be combined. This makes the Premium baumbad watering bag the ideal solution for every tree. Through several small holes in the ground, the water gets into the ground, drop by drop. Thanks to the subtle shade of green, the water bags for trees also adapt optically to nature. This type of tree watering is therefore not only particularly effective, but also blends naturally into the landscape. The clever water bag for our trees can now be found all over Germany. Many trees can already enjoy this wellness treatment. Even in extreme times of drought, the green in the leaves of our trees will continue to shine.

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