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Welcome to the baumbad guide. We at baumbad have set ourselves the goal of conveying valuable knowledge to you in a simple and, above all, understandable way. You've come to the right place if you want to learn basic knowledge about trees, forests and tree irrigation. Nice that you're here.

Tree Watering Bags - What Are Those Green Bags On Trees?

The green bags around the trees are Tree watering bags. They water the soil around the tree drop by drop. A tree bag can hold up to 75 liters of water and releases it evenly into the ground within 6 - 9 hours. This gives the roots enough time to absorb the water.
Here you will find reviews and ratings as well as helpful information on exactly how tree watering bags work and for whom they are suitable.

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Tree knowledge - the best tips for proper tree care

Trees are the green wonder of our earth and form the oxygen that is essential for us humans. In turn, water is the elixir of life for trees, but unfortunately nature does not always offer enough of it. Dry periods are getting longer, the water table is sinking and the trees are no longer adequately supplied with water from their roots.
We all therefore have the opportunity to become tree rescuers and watering heroes. That is why you will find many individual articles here with useful information that you always wanted to know about trees and their care.

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Climate change - a challenge for our trees

Climate change is advancing at an alarming rate and the whole world is affected. Our forests, city trees and fruit trees are suffering badly. And when the trees suffer, it affects us humans too.
We will provide you with comprehensive information about the causes and consequences of climate change for people and nature. Together we have dedicated ourselves to saving endangered trees and will show you how you can become a tree rescuer in the difficult times of climate change.

Earth Overshoot Day on August 01nd, 2024

The earth gives us its resources, but we take more than it gives. The Earth Overshoot Day ...

Trees and their effects on the urban microclimate

Trees influence the urban microclimate. They shade cities and cool them through evaporation...

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Humans & nature - the importance of trees for us humans

Trees can bring nature to our cities and towns and connect us to the cycles of the seasons. Trees have a special meaning for us humans. In this section we want to show what wonderful beings trees are and what contribution they make to our health, wellbeing and nutrition.

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News - News from

We are currently dealing with important issues that affect our trees and thus our lives. We look at how dying trees and climate change are affecting our lives and share the latest bad news. Heat records, drought and water shortages are also current issues that we must not close our eyes to. That's why you'll find the latest news and comprehensive information here on how we act as tree rescuers and how exactly you can do it.

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